About Us

Hillary and Gretchen at the Texas Veggie Fair 2019

who is beedigger’s? 

Beedigger’s is a play on our family name.  folks always had a little trouble pronouncing it so we told them…think of a bee digging a hole. worked every time!  
while operating our juice bar and vegan café, juice junkies, we discovered lots of folks wanted more plant-based and gluten-free food options that are ready to grab-n-go or super easy to prepare. 
to meet this demand, we launched our sister company Beedigger’s.  we have a passion for creating 100% plant-based foods with clean ingredients that everyone can understand and feel good about. 

what makes beedigger’s so special? 

we go the distance to source top quality, clean and organic ingredients. that means premium fuel for you and a positive effect on our food supply. 
we meticulously work and re-work all of our plant-based products to make sure they deliver amazing flavors and perfect textures. eating plants should be a crazy yummy experience! 

Beedigger’s commitment to our planet! 

Beedigger’s uses recyclable and biodegradable packaging to help keep our planet, and its invaluable resources, alive and thriving. 
together we can be the change!  Hillary and Gretchen
Hillary's drawing of a bee digging a hole.  13 years old.
Hillary's drawing of a Bee Digging a hole.  13 years old.